ApolloRNA imageApollo for non protein coding RNA (ncRNA) identification

ApolloRNA is an extension for ncRNA identification of the Apollo environment [1], a genome annotation viewer and editor.
ApolloRNA is developed by the Biometry and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of INRA Toulouse, France. Source code is available on the Forge Project.

Latest news:
New version 1.11.3a for Apollo 1.11.3. February 17, 2010.
Version 1.10.0a for Apollo 1.10.0. April 2, 2009.
Version 1.9.0a for Apollo 1.9.0. May 14, 2008.
Version 1.7.1b for Apollo 1.7.1. February 20, 2008.
First version 1.6.5a for Apollo 1.6.5. April 17, 2007.


ApolloRNA allows:
- Computing and visualizing predicted secondary structure of a selected sequence via RNAfold of the Vienna RNA package [2],
- Searching and visualizing RNA/RNA interactions,
- Visualizing quantitative variables (both computed in Apollo or stored in files) all along the loaded sequence,
- Getting information on selected sequence(s),
- Exporting chained views of a user-defined sub-sequence.


[1] Lewis SE, Searle SMJ, Harris N, Gibson M, Iyer V, Ricter J, Wiel C, Bayraktaroglu L, Birney E, Crosby MA, Kaminker JS, Matthews B, Prochnik SE, Smith CD, Tupy JL, Rubin GM, Misra S, Mungall CJ, Clamp ME. Apollo: a sequence annotation editor. Genome Biology 3(12), 2002.
[2] Hofacker IL. Vienna RNA secondary structure server. Nucleic Acids Res. 31(13), 2003.

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