In sRNAseq data sets, only a very small fraction of reads can be assigned to a known functionnal family resulting in a lot of sRNAseq data orphan of functional annotation. The bias introduced by errors, the editing of some sequences but also the lack of similarities in existing ncRNA databases make challenging their structural and functional annotation. sRNAseq data analysis tools such as miRDeep, miRanalyzer and others focus on microRNAs annotation and prediction, neglecting other types of RNAs. Recently, web tools such as DARIO, Ncpro enlarged functional annotation. sRNAbrowse is a software under development which aims at profiling, annotating and exploring as many sRNAseq data as possible, considering different ncRNA families and differential expression in multiple conditions and/or tissues.

sRNAbrowse is freely available on ForgeMIA (workflow srnaseq).