Description: jvenn is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a flexible tool, based upon the venny tool first developed by J.C Oliveros (Oliveros, J.C (2007) VENNY, An integrative tool for comparing lists with Venn Diagrams). Key features: hanldes up to 6 classes venn diagram, allows to display Edwards-Venn diagram, is easily integrable within your own web site, allows to provide the data from 3 different ways (lists/intersection counts/count lists), control the click callback function, provides statistic charts based on input data, search for elements, exports the venn diagram to PNG and SVG, exports lists to CSV.

Warning: Please note that we are not adding any new features to this software.

The plugin code and its documentation is freely available on ForgeMIA. A running version of the plugin is also available at Genotoul-bioinfo jvenn instance.