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Publications complètes

Les publications des membres permanents de l'équipe SCIDYN depuis 2014 ont été extraites du site HAL INRAE et mises en forme.

Les publications des membres permanents de l'équipe sous Google Scholar sont aussi accessibles : 1 2.

Vous pouvez aussi accéder directement aux publications de l'unité depuis HAL INRAE.

Quelques publications méthodologiques

Statistiques et probabilités

  • N. Peyrard, O. Gimenez (editors). Statistical approaches for hidden variables in Ecology. ISTE-Wiley, Serie Statistics and Ecology, 2022
  • S. Le Coz, P.-O. Cheptou, N. Peyrard, A spatial Markovian framework for estimating regional and local dynamics of annual plants with dormant stage. Theoretical Population Biology, vol 127, pp 120 - 132, 2019
  • N. Peyrard, M.-J. Cros, S. de Givry, A. Franc, S. Robin, R. Sabbadin, T. Schiex, M. Vignes, Exact or approximate inference in graphical models: why the choice is dictated by the treewidth, and how variable elimination can be exploited, Australian and NewZealand Journal of Statistics, vol 61(2), pp 89-133, 2019
  • E. Auclair, N. Peyrard, R. Sabbadin, Labeled DBN learning with community structure knowledge, ECML, 2017

Modèles comportementaux, algorithmes pour la décision et la simulation

  • R. Martin-Clouaire. Knowledge elicitation and modeling of agroecological management strategies. 2020. To appear (available on request)
  • R Sabbadin, F Teichteil-Königsbuch, V Vidal. Planning in Artificial Intelligence. A Guided Tour of Artificial Intelligence Research, 285-312, 2020
  • N. Ben Amor, H. Fargier, R. Sabbadin, M. Trabelsi, Possibilistic games with incomplete information, IJCAI, 2019
  • M. Bourgais, P. Taillandier, L. Vercouter. BEN: An Agent Architecture for Explainable and Expressive Behavior in Social Simulation. In International Workshop on Explainable, Transparent Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (pp. 147-163). Springer, Cham. 2019
  • M. Bourgais, P. Taillandier, L. Vercouter, C. Adam. Emotion modeling in social simulation: a survey. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 21(2), 2018

Quelques publications finalisées

Echelle de la plante

  • C. Midingoyi, C. Pradal, I. Athanasiadis, M. Donatelli, A. Enders, D. Fumagalli, F. Garcia, D. Holzworth, G. Hoogenboom, C. Porter, H. Raynal, P. Thorburn and P. Martre. Reuse of process-based models: automatic transformation into many programming languages and simulation platforms. In silico Plants, accepted for publication (2020-09).


  • M. Sautier, M. Piquet, M. Duru, R. Martin-Clouaire, Exploring adaptations to climate change with stakeholders: A participatory method to design grassland-based farming systems. Journal of Environmental Management, 193, 541-550, 2017.
  • R. Martin-Clouaire, J.-P. Rellier, N. Paré, M. Voltz, A. Biarnès, Modelling Management Practices in Viticulture while Considering Resource Limitations: The Dhivine Model. PLoS ONE 11(3),, 2016.

Territoire agricole

  • P. Faverdin, X. Reboud, F. Baret, P. Bertuzzi, A. Chanzy, N. Gandon, F. Garcia, R. Guatteo, A. Joannon, M. Meyer, C. Staub, P.-F. Vaquié (2020-01-23). Quelle contribution des agroéquipements et du numérique à l’agroéocologie ?. In : L’agroécologie : des recherches pour la transition des filières et des territoires. Collection Matière à débattre et décider. 81-94,
  • R. Martin-Clouaire, Ontological foundation of ecosystem services and the human dimension of agroecosystems. Agricultural Sciences, 9, 525-545, 2018.

Peuplement forestier

  • Loisel, P., Brunette, M., Couture, S. Insurance and Forest Rotation Decisions Under Storm. Environmental and Resource Economics, 76(2), 347-367, 2020
  • S. Couture, MJ. Cros, R. Sabbadin. Risk aversion and optimal management of an uneven-aged forest under risk of windthrow: A Markov decision process approach. Journal of Forest Economics 25, 94-114, 2016


  • M. A. Abouhabdallah, N. Peyrard, A. Franc, Does clustering of DNA barcodes agree with botanical classification directly at high taxonomic levels? Trees in French Guiana as a case study, Molecular Ecology Resources, 00, 1-16, 2022
  • N. Peyrard, with R. Sabbadin, M.-J. Cros, R. Trépos and S.Nicol, A hidden semi-Markov model for inferring the structure of migratory bird flyway networks, JDS 2021
  • H. Xiao , L. Dee, I. Chadès, N. Peyrard, , R. Sabbadin, M. Stringer and E. McDonald‐Madden. Win‐wins for biodiversity and ecosystem service conservation depend on the trophic levels of the species providing services. J Appl Ecol., 2018
  • H. Xiao, E. McDonald-Madden, R. Sabbadin, N. Peyrard, L. Dee and I. Chadès. The value of understanding feedbacks from ecosystem functions to species for managing ecosystems. Nature communications 10 (1), 1-10, 2019.

Quelques publications sur des logiciels

  • P. Taillandier, B. Gaudou, A. Grignard, Q.N. Huynh, N. Marilleau, P. Caillou, D. Philippon, A. Drogoul. Building, composing and experimenting complex spatial models with the GAMA platform. GeoInformatica, 23(2), 299-322, 2019.
  • P. Taillandier, A. Grignard, N. Marilleau, D. Philippon, Q.N. Huynh, B. Gaudou, A. Drogoul. Participatory Modeling and Simulation with the GAMA platform. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 22(2), 2019.
  • M.-J. Cros, J.-N. Aubertot, N. Peyrard and R. Sabbadin. GMDPtoolbox: a Matlab library for designing spatial management policies. Application to the long-term collective management of an airborne disease. PlosOne, 2017
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