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Quelques publications récentes

  • K. Chapuis,  P. Taillandier, R. Misslin, A. Drogoul, Gen*: a generic toolkit to generate spatially explicit synthetic populations, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 2018
  • M. Brunette, S. Couture, F. Pannequin. Is forest insurance a relevant vector to induce adaptation efforts to climate change ? Annals of Forest Science, 74,41, 2017
  • V. Picheny, P. Casadebaig, R. Trépos, R. Faivre, D. Da Silva, P. Vincourt, E. Costes, "Using numerical plant models and phenotypic correlation space to design achievable ideotypes", Plant, Cell & Environment, 2017
  • MJ. Cros, JN. Aubertot, N. Peyrard, R. Sabbadin, GMDPtoolbox: A Matlab library for designing spatial management policies. Application to the long-term collective management of an airborne disease. PLoS ONE 12(10), 2017
  • E. Auclair, N. Peyrard, R. Sabbadin, Labeled DBN learning with community structure knowledge, ECML, 2017
  • S. Nicol, R. Sabbadin, N. Peyrard, I. Chadès, Finding the best management policy to eradicate invasive species from spatial ecological networks with simultaneous actions, Journal of Applied Ecology, 2017
  • E. McDonald-Madden, R. Sabbadin, ET. Game, PWJ. Baxter, I. Chadès, H.P. Possingham,
    Using food-web theory to conserve ecosystems. Nature communications, vol. 7, 2016.
  • R. Sabbadin, A.F. Viet,
  • S. Couture, MJ. Cros, R. Sabbadin. Risk aversion and optimal management of an uneven-aged forest under risk of windthrow: A Markov decision process approach. Journal of Forest Economics 25, 94-114, 2016
  • V. Picheny, "Multiobjective optimization using Gaussian process emulators via stepwise uncertainty reduction", Statistics and Computing, Volume 25, Issue 6, pp. 1265-1280, 2015
  • J. Radoszycki, N. Peyrard, R. Sabbadin, Solving F3MDPs: collaborative multiagent Markov decision processes with factored transitions, rewards and stochastic policies, (Principle and Practices of Multi Agent systems PRIMA, Italy, 2015
  • M. Duru, O. Therond, G. Martin, R. Martin-Clouaire, M.-A. Magne, E. Justes, E.-P. Journet, J.-N. Aubertot, S. Savary, J.-E. Bergez, J.-P. Sarthou. How to implement biodiversity-based agriculture to enhance ecosystem services: a review. Agronomy and Sustainable Development, 2015,
  • F. Lescourret, D. Magda, G. Richard, AF. Adam-Blondon, M. Bardy, J. Baudry, I. Doussan, B. Dumont, F. Lefèvre, I. Litrico, R. Martin-Clouaire, B. Montuelle, S. Pellerin, M. Plantegenest, E. Tancoigne, A. Thomas, H. Guyomard, JF. Soussana. A social–ecological approach to managing multiple agro-ecosystem services. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 14, 68-75, 2015. (doi:10.1016/j.cosust.2015.04.001)

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