Brigitte Mangin

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Permanent researcher in the Applied Mathematics and Informatics department of the INRA in Toulouse.

Research interests

  • Genetic statistics :  from quantitative genetics,  QTL detection, to  linkage disequilibrium and association tests
  • Genetical genomics : gene network inference
  • Statistics : asymptotic framework of test distributions


  • SUNRISE (Investissements d'avenir 2012-2018) To develop the economic competitiveness of the sunflower crop, an environmentally friendly agronomic solution in the context of climate and agricultural practices changes .
  • AKER (Investissements d'avenir 2012-2018) Initiative for a sustainable beet improvement: Innovative breeding strategies based on allelic variation mining and novel -omic tools.
  • AMAIZING (Investissements d'avenir 2011-2018) Breeding for economically and environmentally sustainable maize varieties: an integrated approach from genomics to selection.
  • Fragenomics (KBBE 2009-2011)  Find and validate eQTLs regarding nutritional traits of strawberry fruits, with collaborators from, the universities of Cordava and Malgaga, "The Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics" in Spain, the thechnical university of Munich,  "INRA Plant Breeding and Genetics division" in Bordeaux, the CIREF and a  private company PLANASA. 
  • DL_VITIS (ANR GENOMIQUE 2009-2011) Genetic structure and linkage disequilibrium in 3 species of Vitis Genus, with collaborators from "INRA Plant Breeding and Genetics division" in Montpellier, Colmar and from "The institute for Grapevine Breeding" in Germany.
  • MCQTL_LD (ANR GENOPLANTE 2008-2010) Use of linkage disequilibrium in the MCQTL software application, with collaborators from  "INRA Plant Breeding and Genetics division" in Le Moulon and private companies SYNGENTA, EURALIS.
  • LDLmapQTL (ANR GENANIMAL 2006-2007) Joint use of linkage disequilibrium and linkage analysis in animal designs, with collaborators from "INRA  Animal Genetics division" in Toulouse and Jouy-en-Josas.
  • BIEP (ANR GENOPLANTE 2006-2007)  Development of an integrated bioinformatic environment for plant genomics with collaborators from  "INRA Plant Breeding and Genetics division", CIRAD  and private companies BAYERCROPSCIENCE, BIOGEMMA.


  • MCQTL  a sofware application to handle multiallelic QTL detection in multicross design
  • LDcorSV  a R package to compute the novel measures of linkage disequilibrium
  • HAPim  a R package to jointly use linkage disequilibrium and linkage analysis in half-sib families


  • PhD in Applied Mathematics: University Paul Sabatier - Toulouse (1984)
  • B.Sc & M.Sc in Mathematics: University Paris Sud - Orsay (1980 & 1981)

Contact informations

  • INRA Toulouse - LIPM, chemin de Borde-Rouge - CS 52627, 31326 Castanet-Tolosan Cedex, France.
  • Tel: +33(0)5 61 28 54 58
  • Mail: brigitte[dot]mangin[at]toulouse[dot]inra[dot]fr.

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