Stéphane Couture

CR, économiste


  • Economics
  • Decision theory under risk
  • Natural resource modeling
  • Accredition to direct research, 2015

    University of Montpellier

  • Postdoctoral degree, 2001

    University of Montpellier

  • PhD in Economics, 2000

    University of Toulouse

Experience professionnelle
  • Researcher at INRAE, 2009-Now

    Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Unit, Toulouse

  • Researcher at INRA, 2002-2009

    Forest Economics Laboratory, Nancy

  • Contract researcher at INRA, 2002

    ESR unit, MAIA team (Agricultural Markets and Food Industries), Toulouse

Senior Researcher in the SCIDYN team (Simulation, Control and Inference of Agro-environmental and Biological Dynamics) of the Toulouse Applied Mathematics and Computer Science unit of the INRA Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Department (UR 875).

CV détaillé

Activités de Recherche

The aim of my research activities is to develop tools for analysing the behaviour of forest owners and farmers in the face of uncertainty in terms of production decisions and protection against such uncertainty. My research programme aims to improve the decision-making of these agents in the face of natural uncertainties and to test the performance of public policy instruments likely to affect these decisions.

Publications récentes

  • Couture, S., Lemarié, S., Teyssier, S., & Toquebeuf, P. (2023). The value of information under ambiguity: a theoretical and experimental study on pest management in agriculture. Theory and Decision, 1-29.
  • Marine Albert, Jacques-Eric Bergez, Magali Willaume, Stéphane Couture (2022-07). Vulnerability of Maize Farming Systems to Climate Change: Farmers’ Opinions Differ about the Relevance of Adaptation Strategies. Sustainability, 14 (14), 8275,,, OA
  • Mariem Baccar, Jacques-Eric Bergez, Stephane Couture, Muddu Sekhar, Laurent Ruiz, Delphine Leenhardt (2021-08). Building Climate Change Adaptation Scenarios with Stakeholders for Water Management: A Hybrid Approach Adapted to the South Indian Water Crisis. Sustainability, 13 (15),,, OA
  • Marine Albert, Jacques-Eric Bergez, Stéphane Couture, Robert Faivre, Magali Willaume (2021). Decision-Making Process Factors Explain Some of the Heterogeneity of Irrigation Practices among Maize Farmers in Southwestern France. Water, 13 (24), 3504,,, OA
  • Loïc Sadou, Stéphane Couture, Rallou Thomopoulos, Patrick Taillandier (2021). Simuler la diffusion d’une innovation agricole à l’aide de modèles à base d’agents et de l’argumentation formelle. Revue Ouverte d’Intelligence Artificielle, 2 (1), 65-93,,, OA
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