Weighted Socio-Ecological Multiplex Systems

Arnaud Dragicevic (CIRANO, Chulalongkorn University) [distanciel]

24 mars 2023

Résumé : Herein we study a weighted multilayered socio-ecological network system in sustainability, in which a policy reform is applied to one or more layers of the network. We investigate the knock-on effect from this reform and the influence of centrality of nodes in spreading the reform. Our model highlights the properties allowing to reach a positive density of reformed nodes inside a layer and across the layers. The system stability is contingent on the synchronization across the multiplex network. Our results suggest that sustainability may be best achieved when the central nodes are the greatest propagators of an essential reform. In terms of policy-making, in particular on the management and governance of natural resources, our framework offers a brand new perspective on the polycentric governance; it even enriches it through new attributes.