Non-protein-coding RNA detection


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Sequence alignment:

Alternatively, you can paste an multiple alignment in the following text area using the Stockholm format (with the structure), and Darn will build a descriptor for this alignment.

Main sequence:

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Target sequence (if needed by the descriptor):

Only if a duplex motif is given in the descriptor thanks to the T variables. Otherwise, you may get an error.

You may either choose a target in the following database, or paste your fasta sequence.

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Please select the strand on the main stem you want to scan:

the positive strand

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both strands

Please select which direction on the target stem you want to scan:

from 3' to 5'

from 5' to 3'

Use GFF format to output solutions.

Use FASTA format to output solutions.

Give solutions with lower costs first.

Give the costs given by the constraints.

Display secondary structure using parenthesis representation.

Important notice: since this web page is available to anyone, every job is interrupted after 2 minutes, and the solutions found so far are displayed. Please download the software for larger searches.

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Last update February 10, 2010.